Website Update for Ian Curcio

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I love seeing edits come to life on photographers’ websites. I recently wrapped up working with Ian Curcio, an amazing portrait photographer based in South Carolina. Ian’s work radiates joy, a dry sense of humor, and a real connection with the people he photographs.

Here are a few of my favorite photos. Check out the full galleries at

Susie Mann Website Update

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I’m so happy to share the website I created with NYC-based lifestyle and portrait photographer Susie Mann (@susiemcreative). Susie brings a fabulous energy to her work, creating images where people exude confidence and joy.

Susie came to me looking to freshen up her portfolio and marketing.

Here’s what we did together:

✅ Talked about her goals, what inspires her, and what kind of work she enjoys doing the most.

✅ Updated her website with a totally new edit

✅ Fine-tuned her @aphotofolio website template (love the new look!)

✅ Marketed her website update with an email blast to relevant clients

These are a few of my favorite photos from her site. Check out the full galleries here.

Website Refresh For NashCo

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I’m so happy to share the updated website I edited for Portland, Oregon based @nashcophoto. I love their tagline, “We make real people look cool”!

From celebrities and students to doctors and farmers, they capture people in an effortless way.

Their portraiture is beautifully complimented by their storytelling.

You can see more of NashCo’s work here.

Stephanie Rausser Website

I’m excited to share a recent website update for lifestyle photographer and director Stephanie Rausser. Stephanie’s motion and still work has a focus on couples, children and families. She brings a bright and inviting quality to all of her work.

You can see more of Stephanie’s work at

Vivian Johnson Website and Interiors Booklet

I recently wrapped up working with Oakland-based architecture and lifestyle photographer Vivian Johnson. Interior photography is Vivian’s specialty, and she brings a warm, cozy vibe to every project. She’s also great at incorporating people (designers, families, artists, etc) in her shoots. Her freshly-updated website showcases this work along with her destination storytelling.

In order to share her work with designers, architects and interior goods companies, we created a beautifully-printed booklet, along with a coordinated email promo and graphics for sharing on social.

You can see more of Vivian’s work at

Tosca Radigonda Website and Marketing Promo

New client work for commercial and advertising photographer Tosca Radigonda. Together, we created a brand new website, print promotion booklet, email marketing, and marketing plan. Check out the images and let me know what you think!

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Jennifer Whitney Print Portfolio and Promotions

I worked with San Antonio-based Jennifer Whitney on re-editing her work, building a new website, creating the first of a series of print and email promos and creating a new, custom print portfolio. Scott Mullenberg built the portfolio and designer Doris Palmeros did the new logo and branding as well as designing the first printed promo piece.  

MULLENBERG Portfolio jw 001

MULLENBERG Portfolio jw 001

MULLENBERG Portfolio jw 002

MULLENBERG Portfolio jw 002

MULLENBERG Portfolio jw 003

MULLENBERG Portfolio jw 003

promo jw 02.jpg

promo jw 02.jpg

promo jw 03.jpg

promo jw 03.jpg

promo jw 04.jpg

promo jw 04.jpg