Kind Words


Photo Editing & Marketing


“I highly recommend working with Jasmine. She is a fantastic photo editor and marketing consultant with an uncanny knack for finding threads in your body of work that you’ve never thought of before. Her vast experience working with a wide range of photographers enables her to very quickly understand your objectives and then design impactful web and print portfolios that resonate with your target prospects. Also, she’s super nice, very collaborative and has wonderful way of keeping you focused on your strongest work! If you are looking take it up a notch, call her — she’s a pleasure to work with.”

Peter Adams, Editorial and Commercial Photographer,

“Working with Jasmine on my latest portfolio was a HUGE treat! From our first discussion of what I was hoping to achieve with my new book, to the final round of editing + sequencing, Jasmine worked quickly while staying readily available and completely engaged in helping shape my latest portfolio.”

Chip Kalback, Commercial Lifestyle Photographer,

“Jasmine helped me see my artistic strengths in a different light. She revamped my website bringing clarity to my brand while providing ideas for direct mailings, and future concepts to add to my portfolio. I will continue to use Jasmine for my future marketing needs, as she provides a great eye into seeing who I am as a photographer as well as listening to the direction I am aiming to reach.”

Susie Mann, Editorial, Lifestyle, and Brand Photographer,

“Jasmine has been an invaluable resource for the direction of my photography. She really separated the wheat from the chaff with my work and put together a story that displayed my style and focus as a photographer. During our conversations, she always had sincere and constructive feedback. The process was a great experience that helped take my website and print book to the next level. I'm looking forward to calling on her services again when I refresh my book and site.

Michael Okimoto, Commercial Lifestyle Photographer,

“My hour with Jasmine was completely invaluable to the evolution of my business. I was so impressed with Jasmine's preparedness for our meeting. She had gone through my website, thoroughly, on both a desktop and mobile device, and created a pdf of notes and feedback on my work, the functionality of my site, and the overall tone of my brand. Jasmine helped me identify the areas that needed a boost in my portfolio as well as brainstorm creative ways to tell stories with the content I already have. I couldn't believe how much we accomplished in just an hour. I especially appreciated that I never felt rushed though our time together. She really gave me her complete undivided attention, plus helpful follow up emails. I will definitely continue to work with Jasmine as my business evolves. I trust her completely.”

Laura Chase de Formigny, Photographer,

“I would highly recommend working with Jasmine as an art/ business consultant. She is delightful, talented, experienced and very pleasant to work with. Jasmine followed through with everything we set out to do with a smile and incredible enthusiasm. I am a commercial photographer with 20 years experience and was looking for someone to help refresh my marketing approach. Jasmine suggested ideas for my website, including editing images for existing galleries, creating new galleries, suggestions for colors, bio and tagline. She edited images for my printed promo booklet, helped create and design email promotions, and select recipients.”

Tosca Radigonda, Commercial Lifestyle Photographer,

“As the photo editor for our team of photographers during the fast-paced three-day Texas Book Festival, Jasmine was right on target on every front. She has a great eye for selecting the right photos quickly, which was necessary to deliver images within minutes for our client's social media needs. She also exhibited the same good taste when editing the entire weekend's worth of images at a more deliberate pace. She was dependable, professional, creative, and a pleasure to work with. We will definitely hire her again.”

Janis Daemmrich, VP, Bob Daemmrich Photography

“Jasmine's edits challenge me and help me see my work in a fresh way.”

Jason Elias, Commercial Photographer and Director,

“Jasmine is your favorite photo professor, friend and creative all wrapped into one. I have worked in the educational marketing field of photography for a university for over a decade and I highly recommend that Jasmine is someone every photographer should invest in. Often times, photographers get too caught up in what camera, lens or light to buy but you can’t find a better ROI than hiring a professional photo editor –especially one as talented as her. I came to Jasmine for an honest, inventive and unique assessment on my body of work which ranged from modern architectural homes to century old Texas farms. She went above and beyond my expectations and reignited the feelings I have towards photography."

Dennis Burnett, Commercial Photographer and Director,

“Two days after I sent out our first promo which Jasmine helped design, structure and create the mailing list for, I got a 7 day travel assignment with Monocle Magazine. They absolutely loved the promo and loved my website. Since then, I have had several magazines reach out from my newsletters to commission work, and word of mouth jobs through editors that originally heard about my work from my print promo and my email promos.

The pictures were there, it was just a matter of putting them together in a way that spoke more clearly to the needs of picture editors... it inspired so much confidence going into meetings and sending off work.

You spend so much time floating solo as a photographer, doing everything yourself and plugging away. Having Jasmine in my corner helping me structure a process of what to do, how to do it and when to do it was invaluable.”

David Maurice Smith, Editorial and Commercial Photographer,

“Jasmine has been wonderful to work with. Her deep knowledge and love of photography makes her the ideal consultant, not to mention she's reliable and hardworking. She's helped make me a better editor and I've gained lots of insight into my marketing.”

Jonathan Hanson, Editorial and Commercial Photographer,

“Jasmine was our fabulous photo editor for Travel by Handstand for well over a year. Travel by Handstand is a travel magazine for the ipad that commissioned and sourced original travel writing and photography for locations around the globe. Jasmine was able to quickly find and license compelling imagery while staying on budget. We would hire her again in a heartbeat for any future assignments.”

Stephanie Ray, Editor in Chief, Handstand, inc.

“I came to Jasmine for help with an edit for a new selection of images for the launch of my new website. I was drawn by the great photographers she's worked with. Jasmine perpetually exceeded my expectations. Over a tightly mapped out schedule, she made careful edits and thoughtful revisions until I was left with a really tight series of galleries for my new site.

What impressed me most was her attention to detail and her ability to listen and understand what I was after. I feel lucky to have Jasmine on my side. Since our collaboration, I've had great response from the editors I wanted to reach. I have Jasmine to thank for that.”

Kari Medig, editorial photographer,

“Jasmine is an editing powerhouse. She has a great eye for pairing images as well as creating an engaging flow throughout the portfolio. We worked with her to refresh our 2012 portfolio. Not only did she edit 1000+ images into a killer portfolio, she sparked a new direction to focus intentions while staying true to the energy and history of the work. We are so lucky to have her by our side as we continue to evolve and grow.”

Leah Fasten, commercial and editorial photographer,

“Jasmine has been crucial in getting my marketing plan developed, coordinated and executed and I have seen real, tangible results from the work she put in. Easy to talk to, great communicator, all in all, top notch.”

Hollis Bennett, photographer,

“Jasmine was great to work with. She was patient, prompt and gracefully accepted the many many images I asked her to look through. As well as helping to bring together several marketing and promotional aspects.However, the real value came in the way she edited and viewed my images. I needed a change in perspective of my own imagery and she provided that. I now look differently at what images I think will work during the editing process. Jasmine helped me take a huge step towards where I want to be as a photographer. Which, plainly, is just better. I look forward to working with her again soon.”

Jason Dailey, Kansas City-based photographer,

“Jasmine took what was essentially a fine art box of prints and worked with me to create a very successful editorial portfolio. In the first year of working together I was awarded PDN 30 as well as awards from Communication Arts and American Photo. The real thing about working with Jasmine is that she loves photography. Her love of pictures informs her ability to pull things out of them, sequence them and pair them together in such a way that editors are able to respond to. Working with her is a an extremely fluid process that feels instantly at ease.”

Joshua Lutz, photographer, author of Meadowlands

“Jasmine has been superb in all aspects of helping me totally rebrand my photography business. She has great instincts, an insider's knowledge of the photography community and is a superlative communicator. She helped negotiate contracts on my behalf, produced a new website, logo, and print promotion and compiled a deep, 800+ list of contacts in the industry to send my promo to. Jasmine is the package deal.”

Eric Kayne, Bay Area-based photographer,


Artist Representation


“Many photography agents indiscriminately offer editors every story idea that comes along; not Jasmine. She has a discerning eye for good pictures and, perhaps more important, a keen understanding of story. She knew what photo essays or images would work for American Photo, and she knew how to help our editors frame the stories through skillful editing and research. Many of the stories she approached us with made it onto the pages of the magazine. I always looked forward to hearing from her and discovering what her photographers were producing. Working with her was very much a partnership.”

David Schonauer, Editor-in-Chief, American Photo, 1990-2009

“Jasmine helped me build my agency from the ground up. She was instrumental in forging relationships with clients as well as recruiting talented photographers. Her marketing and PR efforts brought many jobs to the photographers and created a nice buzz about Redux in the industry. She's a very creative, enthusiastic and motivated person and helped make Redux an agency that people are excited to work with.”

Marcel Saba, Founder, Redux Pictures

“Jasmine's keen eye was crucial not only to the development of my book but to shaping the project as a whole throughout the years. Her editing not only made my project tighter but also made me a better photographer.”

Christopher LaMarca, Photographer, author of Forest Defenders

“At Photo District News, the editors regularly rely on the expertise of industry sources to provide us with useful insights. Thanks to her close work with photographers, her knowledge of the magazine industry and her instinct for what makes a compelling story, Jasmine regularly pitched us ideas that were right on the mark for our readers' needs and interests. Jasmine introduced us to many talented photographers who were selected for PDN 30, our annual issue showcasing our choice of 30 Emerging Photographers to Watch. She was also a valuable resource when we were doing research into either the photography world or the inner workings of editorial clients.”

Holly Hughes, Editor-in-Chief, Photo District News

“Jasmine DeFoore has put more food on my table than my neighborhood grocer. She introduced my work to the photo editors I needed to know, and cultivated relationships which still exist today. Her pleasant demeanor, deep Rolodex and attention to detail made her a great and supportive rep.”

Kevin Miyazaki, Owner, Kevin J. Miyazaki Photography

“Jasmine is one of the most creative, organized, focused and personable people I have ever worked with. She always landed me great jobs and made a great liaison between me and the client. I never had a meeting where the conversations didn’t start out with the client saying, “Oh we love Jasmine!” I think that says it all.”

Brad Swonetz, Owner, Brad Swonetz Photography

Workshops & Events


“With so many workshops and seminars marketed to us as photographers, I'm careful where I invest my time. Jasmine's workshop was jam-packed with actionable information that a less-organized workshop might've taken several days to cover. On top of that, the experience and the people were delightful. Definitely worth the time and money.”
Ginger Diaz Photography LLC,

“I was looking to push myself outside my comfort zone and challenge myself in a new area of photography.  The workshop not only met my needs, but also introduced me to a talented group of creative photographers.  This group of people provided a supportive environment to experiment and take chances and ask questions.”

Carolyn Aeschliman, Freelance Photographer

“Jasmine has an ability in creating fun, artistic events that connect people. Her work on the American Youth Project is a perfect example. Before the book was published, she organized an event for a wide range of photo editors to help in its editing. It was a memorable and wonderful opportunity for us to meet one another while engaging with the American Youth photography in a fun social situation.”

Michelle Jackson, Independent Art Buyer/Producer, Snap Indigo