Personal Project Edit for Elijah Hurwitz

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 10.59.53 PM.png

For photographer Elijah Hurwitz, we worked together to edit two of his personal projects so that he could pitch them to various publications. They went on to be published in National Geographic and Vice.

The first story, for National Geographic, is a collection of broad visual reportage from the NK border in China focused on daily life and trade in the wake of UN sanctions and nuclear tensions. You can read more about that article here, and see Elijah’s album on the topic here.

The second story, published in Vice, is a deep dive into a surprising and passionate community of swimmers in unlikely waters: the river between North Korea and China. You can read more on the Vice website here, and see more from Elijah’s series here.


Travel by Handstand Photo Editing

Travel by Handstand is a beautiful app for the iPad that features original photography and writing. As photo editor, I was responsible for all research, licensing and commissioning of photography.

Unfortunately, production halted on the app, but I'm hoping that the smart folks at Handstand come back with something bigger and better in the future. It's a great team of highly creative publishers.

Here are some screenshots from some of my favorite stories, including the Pamir Highway by Matthieu Paley and a commissioned assignment on Charleston by Paul Zoeller.