Emilie Malcorps


Emilie Malcorps is a Nice, France based editorial and corporate photographer. Together we built a new website, highlighting her vibrant, seaside location, as well as a print promotion and email campaign. We also created a new body of lifestyle work shot in Morocco. Emilie has started contacting clients for meetings and has already been given assignments from international magazines who were on her dream clients list.

Award-Winning Web Designers from this year's PDN Photo Annual

Every day people ask me if I know of any good web designers for portfolios. I usually point people to the more popular template products (aphotofolio.com, livebooks.com) and a handful of custom designers who seem to always be too busy to take on any new jobs. That's why I love the PDN Photo Annual Website section. It's a chance to check out a bunch of people I might not have heard of otherwise.

This year's winning websites were designed or coded by:

Lewis Carnegie (Austinite!) Jason Sherwin Noah Wall Hatch Design / Jay Meyers, TwinAct RAT / SMAUG (Italy) Canvas Group Aussie based design firm Mike Hartley Martin Fuchs (also winner of best company name): Shut Up I'm Awesome Toben another aussie shop Brian Hoff

A few of the websites were credited being designed or programmed by A Photo Folio. As far as I know, they don't do usually do custom work. If you buy a template from A Photo Folio, you are responsible for doing your own customization to make it look cool, and less like a template. I think the exception to that rule is if you are Dan Winters ;)

Happy clicking.