Award-Winning Web Designers from this year's PDN Photo Annual

Every day people ask me if I know of any good web designers for portfolios. I usually point people to the more popular template products (, and a handful of custom designers who seem to always be too busy to take on any new jobs. That's why I love the PDN Photo Annual Website section. It's a chance to check out a bunch of people I might not have heard of otherwise.

This year's winning websites were designed or coded by:

Lewis Carnegie (Austinite!) Jason Sherwin Noah Wall Hatch Design / Jay Meyers, TwinAct RAT / SMAUG (Italy) Canvas Group Aussie based design firm Mike Hartley Martin Fuchs (also winner of best company name): Shut Up I'm Awesome Toben another aussie shop Brian Hoff

A few of the websites were credited being designed or programmed by A Photo Folio. As far as I know, they don't do usually do custom work. If you buy a template from A Photo Folio, you are responsible for doing your own customization to make it look cool, and less like a template. I think the exception to that rule is if you are Dan Winters ;)

Happy clicking.