Amy Eckert


Amy Eckert, a commercial and editorial photographer (and also a fine artist and McKnight fellow) hired me to help her revamp her website and portfolio in the lead up to a move to Los Angeles. We started by talking about her goals, which include expanding her commercial client base and making sure that people knew she was based in LA. I went through all of her work and re-edited the images to appeal to the clients she is trying to reach. We reorganized the structure of her galleries as well.

We worked together, along with Scott Mullenberg at, to design a new print book with bold colors and a beautiful handmade slipcase.

Amy did all of the printing herself (which she says she really enjoys doing), on Pina Zangaro double sided bright white smooth matte, pre-scored.

Once everything was live, we created an email blast announcing the move to LA and encouraging people to come to the new site.