Call for Submissions: In-depth Travel Photo Essays

Update: Thank you everyone for your comments. I wanted to add a bit more information about what we are looking for:

I’m not just looking for a collection of images from a place. I need something with a story behind it. Perhaps it’s a community of fisherman in a beautiful setting off the coast of spain, or a place in Finland where they weave textiles in an abandoned 100 year old school house (I’m making stuff up).

Point is, it’s not enough for it to be just a collection of images from one place. Rather, the images need to be tied together with some theme or story.

Or, they need to be conceptually so unique that the concept or photographic method (wet plate, iphone, etc) is what ties it together.

I hope this helps



I am the photo editor for a gorgeous travel magazine for the iPad called Travel by Handstand. We are looking to license in-depth photo essays with a travel focus for locations around the world (please see list at bottom). I am not looking for individual stock images, but really a body of work with a cohesive theme.  Aesthetically, we are a bit AFAR, a bit Travel + Leisure.

We are still in beta (download free beta app here) and have published a few feature stories.  Below are some screen grabs of recently published features. The first one, on the Pamir Highway, uses imagery entirely by Matthieu Paley.  This story gives a good sense of what we are looking for when it comes to travel photo essays. Also in this gallery you will find images from features we did on Palm Springs, California and Naoshima, Japan. These stories are not all by the same photographer but they do give a good sense of the style of work we are looking for.

[nggallery id=10]


Currently we are looking for travel photo essays from:

Stockholm (especially related to kayaking)


Charleston, SC




Slovenia in Winter



Central America

South America


Perth, Australia


Would you like your work considered? Please comment on this blog post with a short description of your photo essay and link to a gallery.

Thank you!