Photo Editor Maggie Soladay's Self-Promo Picks

Maggie Soladay takes photos of her favorite promos. Here's what she had to say about last Monday's batch:

The planets aligned Monday to deliver to me one of the tightest batches of photographer postcard promos in a while. I only received 6 postcards, but all 6 photographers made it onto my new photographer list. What I loved about the cards was the love the photographers showed for people and portraiture.

Every one of the photographers sent me postcards that alluded well to the work I was to see on their sites.  Most exceeded my expectations.  I laughed, entertained co-workers, and hung some of these on my wall (rather than send them right into the recycle bin). This batch of postcards were all beautiful, technically proficient, and showed originality.  I must say they look pretty good all together somehow too!

Maggie Soloday's Favorite Promos from Week of April 19, 2011

Maggie Soloday's Favorite Promos from Week of April 19, 2011

Jayne Wexler from NYC
Sara Rubenstein from Minneapolis, MN
Jeff Singer from San Francisco, CA
Bryan Regan from Raliegh, NC
Jenn Ackerman + Tim Gruber from Minneapolis, MN
Joshua Paul from NYC

Photo editor Maggie Soladay photographs the snail mail postcard promos that arrive each week (unedited) and posts them on Twitter @maggiesoladay.  She thinks photographers benefit by seeing what photo editors see and are hopefully inspired. She is the photography editor at ALM for The American Lawyer Magazine (the RollingStone of the legal world) and Corporate Counsel Magazine.