Case Study: Kainaz Amaria


Kainaz Amaria needed help focusing her website and print portfolio edits to better convey the kind of work she wants to be known for. We talked about her style and where she wants to see her business go in the next couple of years. Then we got to work re-editing all of her images. We created new, more streamlined galleries on her site and built a print portfolio that reflected the changes.

After we completed the editing, we worked on print promo concepts. We knew we wanted to be able to show a variety of images and make a great first impression. Originally, we had a stack of 6 promo cards in a custom slip case printed in India. Unfortunately, the quality of the printing wasn't up to par and we had to start over. San Diego-based Modern Postcard came to the rescue with a custom printing solution that worked with Kainaz's budget. In the end, we modified the original idea to create one card that folds out. The card is 6x9 inches when folded, and folds out to 6x27 inches. Each panel is perforated so that clients can keep just one image if they want to.

Kainaz included a personal letter of introduction and her signature, and hand addressed all of her envelopes. I think it lends a very personal touch.