iPhone 4 Camera White Balance Drama

I've just returned from the Apple store with my 2nd iPhone 4.  I returned my first one because the auto white balance in the camera wasn't working, and I read online many stories from other people about having similar problems.  It took talking to 3 different people at the Apple store before someone would just take the first phone back and give me a new one. Well unfortunately, the replacement phone is just as bad as the first (if not worse). The "geniuses" at the Apple store tried to tell me that a yellow cast is totally normal because of tungsten light.  I explained to them that I understand that different light sources have different temperatures but that the white balance is much, much worse than with the 3Gs.  (Please don't try and lecture a photo major about light!)

Here are side by side comparisons showing pictures taken with the iPhone 4 and the 3Gs.  Can you guess which is which?

I'm trying to decide if I will go back and try for a third. I know they're going to give me a hard time, and try to make me feel like this is a totally normal thing for the camera. From my online sleuthing, I've learned that some people do finally get a phone that doesn't do this, but it may take up to six exchanges!

Unfortunately you can't replicate the problem in an Apple store because they don't have the right lights. So I'm going to bring a small lamp with me and show them for myself. I'm not going to leave the store til I get one that works right, and if I can't find one that works right, I'm going back to my old phone.

Stay tuned ;)

Are you having the same problem? You're not alone: