Fabrica F Awards Announced

When I was working at Redux, the very talented Jessica Dimmock won the first F award for her work chronicling heroin addicts in an abandoned apartment in a posh building in New York City.  The award garnered a lot of attention for Jessica (not to mention the cash) and since then she has gone on to do a lot of great storytelling.  This year's winners aren't as undiscovered a talent as she was. Jerome has covered many amazing stories in his years as a photojournalist. Matt, although young, has earned a fair amount of exposure and awards already. Looking forward to seeing more from both of them. F  AWARD

Jérôme Sessini, France

Essay: So far from God, too close to America

“The Jury agreed unanimously that Jérôme Sessini's ongoing exploration of drug-related violence in Mexico at the U.S. border is remarkable for its sustained engagement with an increasingly alarming and dangerous reality, for its attention to concrete particulars, and for its ambition to convey the scope and complexity of the conflict".


Matt Eich, USA

Essay: Carry Me Ohio

In an effort to give a voice to increasingly marginalized communities destroyed by nearly 150 years of unmitigated mining, Matt Eich documents the daily lives of the people in Southeastern Ohio. Once rich in coal, salt, clay and timber, this region has been stripped bare of all natural resources—its people left to fend for themselves with minimal opportunities, horrific housing conditions, and sub-standard schools. As occurs in so many impoverished areas, the fabric holding together these communities is slowly disintegrating, as the people become more and more demoralized, often turning to drugs.  Matt’s ongoing exploration conveys their struggles—further exacerbated and contextualized by the current economic situation—while simultaneously pays homage to their strength and resilience in the face of such adversity”.

The F award is a creation of Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia, created by Contrasto, based in Milan and Fabrica, the Benetton Group’s Research Centre on Communication, based in Treviso.


The winning F project will receive a contribution of euro 20.000, the possibility of publishing a book and of having an exhibition of the selected work. The F25 winner (for photographers under 25), will be awarded a one year scholarship in Fabrica’s Photography Department.