50,000 euros Grant and Exhibition

Here is a big grant to cover the Pashtun people from Carmignac Gestion, an independent asset management company. I received a packet by email which I'm happy to forward to anyone interested. There doesn't seem to be a web version online. Has anyone else heard of this? It says it's the second year of the grant but I can't find who won it before. Quite a prize! Here's the press release:

Carmignac Gestion aims to support photojournalism since it demands courage, audacity, freedom and determination.

Each year, a reportage subject that is directly linked to current events is suggested to international, professional photojournalists. An independent jury of experts made up of image and information specialists will select a reportage project to be achieved that will receive 50,000 Euros in support. This grant includes the execution of the reportage and the acquisition by Carmignac Gestion of 4 photographs chosen from the reportage.

Carmignac Gestion will also provide its full backing for the photojournalist to develop, promote and distribute the reportage. An exhibition will be organised within 12 months of the Prize being awarded and a monographic book presenting the award-winner's work will be published.

The proposed subject for the 2010 Carmignac Gestion Photojournalism Award is: Pashtunistan.

The photojournalists will be free to choose how to address this theme, and the angle to cover it from: political, economic, social or cultural.

Deadline for submitting applications : September 30th 2010

Contact: 2e Bureau - Sylvie Grumbach - Marie-Laure Girardon sylvie.grumbach@2e-bureau.com m.girardon@2e-bureau.com

Tel +33 1 42 33 93 18 Fax +33 1 40 26 43 53 www.2e-bureau.com