iPad Portfolio vs Printed Portfolio

Over at APhotoEditor.com, creatives are weighing in on if print portfolios still matter. Like with almost anything related to marketing yourself as a photographer, ask three people and you get three different answers. One person says yes you have to still have a print book, another says they haven't called in a print book in over a year. The one thing they all agree on: be prepared for any situation. My question isn't so much about having a print book vs not having one. I wonder more -- if you're going all digital -- what are you showing on your iPad that can't be shown online? What experience are you giving the creative that she can't get by just going to your website?

Consider this. If you're dropping off/shipping your iPad: Just like print portfolios, they have to be delivered, where they take up room on the creative's desk, and then the person has to take time to make sure they get returned to the messenger center or mail room.

If you're looking for an in-person meeting, are you delivering a richer experience on your iPad than they could get by going to your website? I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell photographers that rolling up to a meeting just to show off your website or some folders of images on your desktop is not going to cut it. Aside from the novelty of having someone flick through your on-screen portfolio, are you offering much more than your website does?

Don't get me wrong, I think the iPad is iRad, I just don't want photographers to abandon the process of making print portfolios if they end of doing themselves a disservice by annoying a potential hirer.

I'm sure there are some fab examples out there of killer iPad portfolios and I want to see them! :)