Case Study: Benjamin Spell


Benjamin Spell is a Brooklyn-based portrait and lifestyle photographer. Our work together started with a new edit of his existing body of work. Ben had a strong collection of work but it was muddled by imagery that was too different either stylistically or in subject matter. We tightened up his edit by focusing on a cohesive look that was more polished and focused on lifestyle imagery. Ben had a custom portfolio built by Scott Mullenberg, which has started showing to prospective clients in the NYC area.

Together we brainstormed about potential personal projects that would help beef up the portfolio or become the foundation for a new promotional piece. We decided on a series focused on the shopkeepers of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our goal was for Ben to create a cohesive body of work that highlights his great portraiture as well as evocative details and atmospheric shots.  The images turned out great and were used in a trifold card that went out to 500 potential clients, as well as an emailer that went out to a larger list.