For Photographers


Every photographer needs an objective eye. A sounding board. Someone to hone their vision and magnify their marketing. For two decades I’ve helped shape the creative output of award-winning photographers and visual storytellers around the globe.

My mission as a photo editor and marketing consultant is to bring clarity to your vision, amplify your unique voice and present your work in the best possible light.

Working together, we will discuss your goals and dream clients, and craft portfolios and marketing materials that clearly show your vision.

Looking for a critique? 1-on-1 consultations are available over Skype where we can review your site or a body of work together.


For Companies, NGOs and Non-Profits

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Companies rely on visual content more than ever before.

Leveraging deep industry contacts, I assemble the perfect creative teams for editorial, commercial and non-profit projects.

My experience as a producer, photo agent and content marketer informs the way strategize, manage production and streamline distribution.

Two decades of experience in photo research and licensing means that I can source the right visual assets to your project while navigating complex rights issues, including social media sourcing.