Story Ideas for Nielsen’s New Women Photographer Magazine


  1. 01. Don Giannatti

    July 12, 2012

    Woohoo… more balkanization along artificial and stereotypical lines.

    When this stuff happens, mostly led by non-engaged outsiders with agendas that do not necessarily line up with what is proposed, it further draws lines in the sand and begs folks to ‘choose up’.

    Photography is not gender based. I cannot see a whit of gender in an image. Should I be able to? Am I missing something?

    Do ‘girls’ shoot differently than ‘boys’? Aren’t the struggles of freelancers – from work/life balance (a myth), to keeping books, to doing proposals somehow different with a Y chromosome? Or an X?

    But now we once more face more chiseling to the group, more ‘tribes’, more politically correct manure that bears little resemblance to the real world, but makes those with no skin in the game feel oh-so-good about themselves.

    I am sorry for that, but the women I know who are photographers are perfectly capable, totally committed and fully functional professionals. Their gender notwithstanding, they are photographers who deliver the work without complaint. They are stronger than the folks who want to segment them out think they are.

  2. 02. Nicole

    July 16, 2012

    Great comments. You should send them (or this blog post) to the editor: jeanine.moutenot nielsen com

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