Photographers Doing it for Themselves, but at What Cost?


  1. 01. M. Scott Brauer

    September 1, 2010

    Great piece. I’m especially glad to see someone talking about getting photography out to a wider audience beyond those who would already be seeking it out. That’s a conversation that seems to be missing from a lot of discussions.

  2. 02. Tom Brownold

    November 30, 2010

    Jasmine, It is true, I wear to many hats and have been since before the internet balloon inflated. Since the internet though, there is a broader market and another hat to wear, it’s under my broad brimmed marketing hat. Anyway. I have been blessed by a couple of items. One is my self published BLURB portfolio which I entitled A Mules Tale. After it’s publication I posted the watermarked PDF version on my facebook page where within 2 hours it was seen by my old friend and mentor from my college days who sent the link to His publisher. Within another 2 hours I was talking to the publisher. This gentleman has now published my portfolio as a gift item for the tourists who may want a keepsake of their Mule ride into the Grand Canyon. This book is entitled The Grandest Ride. The first run was introduced to the broader market in September. I personally have sold 171 copies just through my local gallery representation and online via Photoshelter. I am always looking for representation and it seems that after 20 years of representing myself, selling myself, photographing the various assignments, portrait requests, and events my dollar costs will never be recovered but that my persistence and belief in myself is the reward which will eventually bring the income which fuels the self confidence, persistence and the representation. I feel like the dog chasing his tail. This once I got it. Bottom line this time Social Media. What’s next?

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