iPhone 4 Camera White Balance Drama


  1. 01. CDP

    August 20, 2010

    Sounds like you’re having fun. You know, I don’t think you’re busy enough already, so this is good! Gives you something else to do. ;)

  2. 02. AmD

    August 26, 2010

    Yeh… i’m having the exact same problem. I’ve pinned down the problem. Using my dad’s HTC desire, i was in my room taking shots from my iphone 4 and the Desire, the desire’s AWB corrects the lighting in the room so it looks like what the eye sees. Then i went into the Desire’s WB options and went through each one 1 by 1 (i.e. Fluorescent, beach, sunny day, etc) And when i got “beach” or “sunny” or somewhere around that spectrum the photo on the desire was the EXACT replica of my iphone 4.

    In other words, Apple has designed this phone with i think only 1 WB setting and that is for daylight, or very very white indoor electric lighting.

    This leads me to think that a firmware update can potentially include an Auto-WB setting for the iphone 4′s camera app. Atleast that.

    That’s me hoping anyway… i know returning the phone will do no good, i don’t believe in “partial” improvement. It’s either improved or it aint.

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