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  2. There’s nothing like the craziness of working a big, busy festival with a talented crew of photographers, videographers, PR pros and social media managers creating and sharing content. Each day can easily bring in over 10,000 images, and looking through them all, captioning them, choosing the best ones for social and PR and curating galleries is exhilarating (and a bit exhausting, but that’s what cold brew coffee is for!) I’ve had the pleasure of working on some of Texas’ premiere events, from pre-production through final editing and distribution to media outlets, including: Austin City Limits Festival Texas Book Festival Texas …

  3. It’s been three years (!) since the last Texas Photo Roundup, an event that I co-produced for four years with the talented, hard-working photographers Kimberly Davis and Matthew Mahon. Would I ever do it again? Well, I’m not sure. It’s a TON of work but also incredibly satisfying work. Bringing together art buyers, photo editors and photographers from around the country was an amazing experience that reminded me of why I love the photo community. Over the four years we produced a wide variety of events, including workshops, portfolio reviews, lectures, gallery talks and silent auctions. Photographers who spoke or …

  4. Bay Area-based Vivian Johnson specializes in interiors and editorial images that highlight the California lifestyle. We have worked together numerous times over the last few years to update her portfolio and create email marketing campaigns.

  5. Looking for some inspiration! Check out my pinterest board of great photography promo ideas:

  6. Nelson, BC-based Kari Medig recently reached out to me for a website update. We have worked together before and I always enjoy seeing his new work. He has a beautiful approach to portraiture, capturing people in their environments in a way that gives the viewer a deeper understanding of the subject. His work has appeared in Outside, AFAR, Monocle, Telegraph Magazine, The Atlantic, The Globe and Mail and he has shot commercially for Google, Rogers Wireless and The North Face.  

  7. Zurich-based Djamila Grossman contacted me to re-think her approach to her online portfolio. Together, we created new galleries that show her distinct approach to documentary photography and will appeal to the kinds of clients she wants to be working for.  

  8. I recently wrapped up a project with British Columbia-based Ilja Herb. We created new galleries and updated the design. I love his approach to capturing people and remote locations.  

  9. I worked with DC-based Edgar Artiga on creating new lifestyle and sports print portfolios that highlight his bright, natural style. We also updated his website, check it out at www.artigaphoto.com. Save

  10. Whitney Curtis, a¬† St. Louis-based documentary photographer, contacted me to help her revamp her website with a new look and a new edit. We focused on organizing her work into themes, while also featuring a few specific stories. One story that really stood out to me was her coverage, as a local, of the events in Ferguson. We created diptychs for that gallery while leaving the others as full size single images. The pairing of images helps illustrate the tension and the quiet moments Whitney observed as a local. Being able to cover a story for many months, instead of …

  11. Matt Roth is a Baltimore-based editorial and commercial photographer with a penchant for capturing the mildly absurd side of everyday life. We worked together on creating a print portfolio that he could show at portfolio reviews in New York City. I’m loving the mix of portraits and documentary work, and how Matt’s sense of comedic timing pulls it all together.      

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